The game of “What Would the Republicans Say if HILLARY Did This???” is fun to play, if a bit facile. But seriously….we are now debating impeaching the President based on the findings of the Mueller Report. How WOULD Republicans feel if Mueller issued the exact same report in an alternate universe where Hillary Clinton was President, and her assorted loyalists and hangers-on filled key administration positions and played starring roles in the Report? Would they be screeching for impeachment at the top of their lungs? Would they be OUTRAGED?

Well, to help answer that question, I created an alternate reality Mueller Report on the Clinton Administration, featuring all your favorite Crooked Hillary cronies including Huma, Lanny Davis, Chelsea, Bill, and the rest. With special guest appearances by Pete Buttigieg, Anthony Weiner, Rachel Maddow, and more! Read on and try to imagine GOP eyes bursting out of their heads with some of these shocking revelations about the Hillary Clinton Administration.

Mueller Report on Clinton Campaign and Administration